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Never ever be embarrassed about asking for assistance.

The sooner the issue is raised the sooner support can be forthcoming.

After all, you’ve done your bit, now let others do theirs.

"Leave no veteran behind"




The system is very simple and available to assist any member of the Parachute Regiment or Airborne Forces in need. The process is designed to ensure transparency and provide an audit trail for any assistance given, which is a lawful requirement.


Initially, you must contact SSAFA or the RBL.


They will complete Form ‘A’ which is then submitted to the Regimental Welfare Team. They will then allocate funds from the Regimental Charities as required. The following numbers are very useful and should be used if you do not know your local SSAFA or RBL office number:


SSAFA Helpline:         0800 731 4880


RBL Helpline:              0808 802 8080


Any individual or Branch that requires assistance from the Regimental Welfare Team can call them on:

01206 817102 (Laura) or 01206 817103 (Sue).

All information shared is confidential.
See the website for further details.


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